Link to my Instagram account

Hi again,

Today I added a link to my latest Instagram posts here at the left side.

This week I decided to participate in yet another challenge, called #DrawThisCity, in addition to the ones I was already participating on: Inktober52, DoodleTuesdayChallenge/FunnyPunnyFriday and FloraCreativeChallenge.

Today was the first day I post for DrawThisCity and it was on a drawing that combined it with the FloraCreativeChallenge. Flora’s challenge is base on what is celebrated on that date, and today apparently is Umbrella Day. The city for DrawThisCity was Semur-en-Auxois, in France. So I did a street in Semur-en-Auxois decorated in the Umbrella Sky fashion, with colorful umbrellas hanging above the road, and then I added 4 people walking with their own colorful umbrellas too. The image is pictured above.

The lines are a bit (?) wacky, I didn’t use too much shading, but in the end I guess it turned up ok. To have better lines and shading, I also need to have more patience… oh well…

Tomorrow I’ll try combining both again (with Inventions and Bruges).

Drawings in Instagram

Hi, it’s been a while since last I posted.

Recently, I’ve been into drawing/painting. It all started with a few trips to a sip and paint studio, then Covid came and when forced to stay home I started painting at home too.

After creating a few masterpieces (?) I found out about Inktober and Inktober52 in Instagram and decided to try it, with paper and pencil. That was early 2021, and I not only manager to complete both Inktober (one drawing a day during the month of October) and Inktober52 (one drawing a week during the entire year) but I also started to participate in other different challenges, and started to adopt pens or watercolor as well.

And again this year…

One of the weekly challenges I recently found out about is called #magicmilkfoamwednesday, in which we’re supposed to draw on top of a host coffee milk foam. I likes this one so much that sometimes I take pictures on my own coffee to play the same was as well. They are not pretty, as I’m not good in drawing in a screen, but the idea is to get creative, rather than doing a work of art. At least that’s how I see it (some people do make works of art on those… ;o)

I’ll start to post here some of my Instagram drawings.

But today, the ones from my own coffee, which I haven’t published there.