I’ll be using this page to scribble anything that comes to my mind.

I’ll be also posting pictures I like.
For the pictures, When I started the blog I was using my Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7.5 and sometimes Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS. The Samsung was not a great camera, so you may see lots of dithering, but very practical and something that’s always with me…

Then at the end of 2012 I changed both of my cameras. I upgraded my phone to a Windows Phone 8 and I’m now using a HTC 8x. It has a much better camera than my old Samsung. And I mean MUCH better. Double the resolution, a great capacity of taking pictures in low light, very nice one indeed. But still no real zoom. And no good for macro, which is bad actually :o(
For the ‘better’ camera, my old Cannon started having lens errors after my daughter dropped it from the kitchen counter. So we got a new one. The new camera is also a Canon PowerShot SX, but the 500 IS model.

May 2014, another phone change. Decided to switch from Windows Phone to Android (yeah.. i know…) and got a Motorola MotoX. Very good camera and, differently from the one in the HTC, it is able to take macro pictures. Yay!

I hope it could be of some little use to someone out there.

Thanks for stopping by!

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