Musical nostalgy

Just as a disclaimer this post may ‘talk’ more to those people who grew up in Brazil between the 70’s and the 80’s than to anyone else.

Today, I found a CD at home that I did not remember having. It was one of those CDs with a collection of songs within a theme and that one was of Kid’s songs.

Every morning when driving my girls to preschool they ask for the exact same songs.

So today I decided to bring that CD for a change and also to check what it had.

And I guess I enjoyed it much more than my kids did.

All the songs there were from the time when I was a child and they brought me so many nice memories!

In some of them I even felt emotional a bit (not to the point of crying, but almost…)

So for those who may be interested, those are YouTube videos of some of the ones that stirred something on me this morning:


How Korean music saved my job

April 18th, day we would be receiving files from vendors at work, I spend the day taking it easy, just helping the contractors for my project with the receiving of the files they were processing for me, while also working on some other small tasks here and there.

Apparently easy day.

But the entire day I had that weird feeling that I should probably be doing something else. There was a day coming then WE would be sending files to new vendors, and I was supposed to get them ready for it. But I wasn’t sure if that was a task for that day or the next, and my easiness (laziness, maybe) made me not bother to even ask my manager.

Ideally, I would leave the office between 4:30 and 5:00 so I had time to go to work out class at 5:30 or, worst case scenario, stay a bit later and take the 6:15 class.

On that same day of April 18, as I arrived in the office in the morning, I found a huge pile of Korean music CDs.
I wanted to make sure I would try a bit of all and that was what caused me to still be at my desk after 6:00 (meaning skipping workout completely).
And that’s that saved me as, at around that time, when I was about to close for the day, an email pops up with the question:

Are you done with file preparation tasks? Are we aready to start packaging them around 10am tomorrow?



Ooopsi! The answer was no.
To be honestly, I haven’t even started yet!
Luckily I was still in the office to be able to do the job.
Called home to let hubby know I’d be late and started to work.
In the end all was finished on time and nothing got delayed (except by my leaving time).

And that’s why I say that April 18th was the day Korean music saved my job…

Thanks to my Korean friend for the CDs!