Miss V’s Boot Camp – Last day

Today was our last day of boot camp.

And after all the running and jumping and weight lifting we did during the week, what we needed most today was to stretch.

So that’s what it was.

S t r e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e t c h i n g . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And it felt GOOD!

Being the last day, the classes tried also to be creative.

8:00 had a beach theme, in which they were wearing bikinis or speedos/shorts over their workout clothes. They also decorated the room with pictures of beaches, surf, hula dancers…

9:00 had a disco dance theme, in which they all had sparkling clothing, and a disco ball going on at the ceiling. I’ve heard that someone even brought a guitar and played a bit too.

For us, we were just trying to wear our Christmas trees. I dressed up as a candy cane, with red/white stripped clothes, and a lightup candycane head band, courtesy of Joyce. Joyce also made candycane necklaces for everyone to wear. Goms wore some of those red sparkling wreath things around her torso. The other girls came with their holiday PJs and we were all wearing Santa hats.


We also gave Miss V a poster with my workout drawings that illustrate the previous posts. And that one will be a keeper, as she attached it next to the ones that are permanently there. Yay!

And I got the title of “quiet but deadly”. Hum….

There are also drinks and food by the hall, brought in maybe by 8:00 or 9:00? One of the drinks as a Costa Rican-style eggnog, that I tried just a bit (was too late and got to the table when there was only a few drops left :() and loved it. The eggnog I know was made by Juan, from 8:00 class, because he was there and we met and he explained that he does not drink alcohol, but likes to make them for others (and see other people getting drunk? hey! naughty, naughty! ;))

As for the competition, we kept the 3rd place and the first one went to 8:00 AM.

Final results:

7am: “Yogis” 104 points, 20.8
8am  “50 Shades”: 205 points, 42
9am: “11 of 9” 188  points, 37.8
10am “BAGAJES”:  159 points, 31.8
11am: “Jiggle PLANK” 91 points, 30.3

So that was it!

Boot Camp 2O12!

Lots of work, lots of sweat, but also LOOOOTS of fun!

And just as a disclaimer, the workouts we did this week do not reflect the typical workouts at Miss V’s classes, as they are too tough and not very well balanced. She does that only once a year for only a few days, but does NOT do it like that regularly. She does pushes us! And we always have fun. But on a very balanced and healthy way.