The King is Down

Trying on a writing challenge once again (have I ever mentioned that the only occasion when I write is when I decide to take these challenges?).

This time, it comes from the Literary Lion and the word of the week is King.

I never lived under a King or a Queen, I don’t like war and battle histories and movies too much. But I have been listening to Imagine Dragons a lot and for some reason, the song Battle Cry came to my mind when I saw what was the theme for the challenge.

So I went for it, with the image in my mind that’s created when I hear the song.

I didn’t really try to tell the story of the song (where the king is actually crowned ;o), but was still influenced by it somehow.

So here it goes, I hope you enjoy.

Henry Tudor kills King Richard III in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485

The invading horde came crashing down.
They are fierce.
They are strong.
They are heavily armed.
They are determined.
Our king was in the front line.
He needs to protect his kingdom, his people.
But the numbers were off.
They were much more, much stronger.
The king knew it would be in vain, but he stands up for his land and his people.
There is fierceness on him too.
And strengh.
And determination.
But the numbers were off.
They came crashing down.
The king tried.
He resisted
He fought.
But they were bigger, stronger, better prepared.
And the numbers were off.
The king is down.
The enemy is upon us.
The king lies lifeless in the battle field.
Our land is not ours anymore.
Could this be?
Nobody can save us now.
Time stops for a while.
Feels quiet, silent…
The only sound is the battle cry.