Blue sea

The last thing I remember was asking the waiter to bring my burger with no cheese and no bun, but wrapped in lettuce instead.

Then suddenly I was flying over a crystalline blue sea. Or maybe it was a lake, as it was very round. The color was the prettiest blue/turquoise color I have ever seen. Right at the middle of all that blueness, there was a black circle, like an island. No. Not an island, as it was deep rather than going up the surface. More like a black hole.

The hole started to drag myself into it and I felt like falling. Free fall into the depths of it, surrounded by the sea of blue. But I didn’t feel afraid. I actually felt great. As good as I have ever been in my life.

A sense of tranquility and calmness struck me and I felt just happy. Extremely happy!

Then I hear my name being called. At first very faintly, then a bit louder.


The call was louder and clearer now and I feel myself flying back up very fast, getting farther and farther away from the back hole, from the crystalline blue, which turns out is surrounded by a white smooth surface…

Then I finally come back to reality and I see some worry on his eyes.

“Are you ok? You looked like you were lost for a while.”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just got a bit distracted. Sorry. But what were you saying?”

And to myself: “Lost alright. On the depths of you pretty blue eyes…”



This post was written in response to the Literary Lion: Eye writting challenge.
The pretty eyes pictured above are from my neighbor, image cropped and edited to make the color pop up more and also to protect his identity.