Fiction: The Big Wave

The sun was shining bright and I watched as the water retracted more than usual at the beach.

Then a wave of cool and raging water came down over the village, taking with it everything and everyone it found on its way.

Several deaths. Millions in damage. All in a fraction of a second.

Nothing could have prevented it.



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Travel Theme: Bright

I’m just about (in a couple of days, actually) to hop on a plane to go to a much brighter place at this time of the year, so if this theme came next week I’d sure have fresh-from-the-camera pictures to post.

But I’m still here, so I’ll be using some old pictures from previous travels.

Daddy and baby at the beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sun reflecting at the water, Maui, HI, USA

Bright colored tulip on a bright day, Mount Vernon, WA, USA

This post was written in response to Travel Theme: Bright