Literary Lion: Panther


The sound resonates through the forest, then it ends and silence falls upon the land.

Shortly after, comes the smell. The sweetest and most enticing smell you could ever find.

Creatures of all sorts start following it, to its source.
They seem hypnotized, as if dragged by the smell without even being aware they’re moving at all.

One by one they arrive at the mouth of the cave from where that godly smell is coming from.

As they approach… POUNCE!

A big creature jumps from inside the cave and swallows them whole.

Others keep coming and being eaten alive.

Until hunger is satisfied and the Panther can go back to sleep.

Night, night, kitty, kitty. Sweet dreams…


This post was written in response to the Literary Lion: Panther and is based on the legendary creature that, in medieval times was believed to sleep in a cave for 3 whole days, after feasting. Then, upon waking up, it roars, emitting a sweet odor that attracts all of the creatures that smells it. The panther feast on the creatures, then go back to sleep, restarting the cycle.

The image is in Public Domain.