Desert delicacies

Today a friend from work came back from vacations. Her brother came to visit her and they decided to go on a 2-week road trip, leaving from Redmond, Washington, going down all the way to Los Angeles, California, then from there to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, then Yellowstone, ID,MT,WY, and back from there.

As usual, upon coming back to the office she brought some local treats from her trip. There was some candy, which is something I usually don’t like and barely have.

And there was some desert food.

Not cactus. That’s easy and she wanted something different and challenging.

So she went for protein sources:

  • cheddar flavored larvae
  • sour cream and onion flavored crickets
  • tequila lollipops with little critters inside.

I’m the kind of person who likes to try everything.

So I went for the larvae very easily, since they look a bit like those tiny rice crackers anyways.

Tastes like nothing, though. Not even the promised cheddar actually.

For the crickets I was not so sure.

I know it couldn’t be worse than the larvae, but just the fact that they were there in whole with legs and eyes and everything was a bit intimidating.

Yeah, yeah, I do eat cows and pigs and chicken and fish and sometimes some lamb. But except for the fish, it’s not common for those to be whole in my plate and looking at me.

And eating fish is so culturally accepted to me, that it does not feel intimidating.

So I know my problem with the crickets was more psychological than anything else.

I really wanted to try it, but had to do some psychological work on myself first.

Then came OG, all open minded and went directly to the crickets.

That was what I needed. I took one too and we both tried at the same time.

She even took a picture of us a moment before we started chewing on the thingy.

That's me eating a cricket. Cropped to preserve the identity of OG who was also pictured...

That’s me eating a cricket. Cropped to preserve the identity of OG who was also pictured…

And you know what?

It’s not bad! Not bad at all.

Much better than the larvae actually.


When I sent the picture to my husband, though, he replied back saying it was gross. I guess tonight will be a no-kiss night… hahaha