The story behind my background image

The image you see in the background was taken last week in the kitchen of the first floor of my office building.

Above the first floor kitchen there is sort of  a ‘hole’  on the ceiling making it’s roof the same as the one for the second floor kitchen.

Around the ‘hole’ some railing of course. Like a balcony.

Someone on the second floor put a plant right by the railing and the plant grew a long branch down the balcony and into the 1st floor. On that branch there were no leaves, but there was this one bunch of tiny pretty flowers.

I haven’t really noticed it to be honest, until I saw my friend PJ passing by with his huge camera and tripod. Then I asked what he was taking pictures of (the guy is good!) and he told me about the flower hanging from the second floor kitchen. I went there with him and realized it was actually a very pretty one, so I couldn’t resist, took my old small, sort of broken, but great Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS camera and took a few shots too.

The first 2 shots I took were with the camera in the Auto mode, so I had to edit it with adobe photoshop express to add more light. Then I decided to go back the next morning and try again with the manual setting of the camera, adjusting it for the light I had.

The one shown here is one of the first ones, after edited with photoshop. My decision to use that one, instead of one of the originally light ones, was more due to the positioning of the flower in the picture than anything else. And that’s fine because I did like it too.


PJ went back there the next day too, but he went even further. He actually ‘fished’ the flower up to the second floor, took a few macro pictures of it and then placed in back where it was originally. Then since I was also trying to take nice pictures of it, he kindly gave one of the macro pictures to me.

Here’s a tiny piece of his picture I now have on my files, just so you can see the fuzzy texture of the flowers.