Forever mine

Summer used to be on my great-grandmother’s house. A few miles from it there was a beach. It was a rocky beach and at the end of it there was a promontory that was covered up with water at high tide, leaving a few rocks surface like islands.

The last island was my hideout. I would walk there just before high tide and wait until water would isolate me from the beach.

Time passes and so does my great-grandmother. The house is sold and I don’t go back for several years.

Adulthood comes and life is tough. I have no one, I feel solitude. I want to hide again.

One day I’m on a business trip, driving by the beach of my childhood, and see that the promontory is for sale. For sale?

Well… I buy it. I build a fortress in there. That’s my new-old hideout. Forever mine now.


This post was written in response to the FFfAW Challenge of this week and the story contains 150 words.
Photo prompt provided by TJ Paris.


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