Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, take 3

On my regular lunch time walk, I did the trail that goes through the woods. Part of the trail is a wooden bridge that goes along some little lakes. On my way back, though, I decided to go around the lakes, instead of coming back by the same bridge, to minimize the amount of walking in slippery surfaces.

But going around we actually see different lakes from the ones we see from the bridge. And the one I saw today was completely green. Perfect for this week’s challenge. Luckily, I took my camera with me today.

So here’s the green lake.

Green lake


This post was the second response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, and here are the first and second ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, take 2

I’m lucky enough to live and work on a place that is surrounded by woods, wetlands and lots of greenness (it’s not for nothing that we’re called the Evergreen state).

At my company campus there are also several running/walking trails, from which my favorite one is the one that goes through the woods, between the office buildings and a busy road.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I’m posting some of the pictures I took on my walks at the woody trail.

This post was the second response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, here is the first one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I’m sure have tons of green pictures, so I’m already giving you a heads up that more posts for this challenge will come.

But today, this is the one I want to add.

We have a big challenge on Sunday, having to win with a 3 goals difference to go to overtime, or more to seal the deal.

Anything less that that, gives the title to LA…

Go Sounders!!!