Photo: I see faces – August 2016

Sometimes I take pictures of odd stuff, and a few months ago I liked the pattern of the fat in the water when washing a frying pan, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of it.

Last month I discovered this challenge and going through some old pictures I saw not one, but 2 faces, on the fatty bubbles of my frying pan.
One of a sort of a big-eyed jelly monster, and the other of a creature with flowing hair…

Can you see them?


If not, you can check them here.


This post was written in response to I See Faces from August 2016.

Photo: I see faces, July 2016

This is my first entry for the I See Faces challenge promoted by Rosenruthie. The challenge was referred to me after my recent post for WPC: Details and Cee’s Odd Ball earlier this week.

But then I decided that the hearing about I See Faces was enough reason to search for new faces elsewhere, so I’m showing here a face that my daughters and I always see on their stepping stool.



This post was written in response to I See Faces – July 2016