Melting Ice

She felt cold. Even in summer. She felt cold inside. Like her heart was made of ice.

She was lonely and had no one. Life had taken from her what she loved the most.

Her husband and kid are not in this world anymore.

At work, she feels isolated from her peers and would barely talk to anybody.

Parties are something she doesn’t even remember what it is.

The world seemed like an eternal freezing winter, with nothing to warm her up.

Then one day, as she’s walking home after work, he hears a familiar voice calling her name.

She turns and sees her high-school sweetheart looking at her in disbelief, surprised to have met again after so many years.

She recognizes him and a shy and faint smile, lights up her face slightly.

When they were together they used to say that seeing the other warmed up their hearts.

It will take her a little while to fully notice it, but that’s exactly what starts happening that day.


This post was written in response to the Literary Lion: Ice, posted last week, and the picture is from, posted by Mapa20

Even if briefly

Rain has filled a big pail in the backyard with water.
Then the frost comes and the water becomes a big, cilindrical block of ice.

One day, we need the pail inside. I drag it in and warm it up a little bit so the ice comes out.

I look at the beauty of that crystalized water, and that’s when I notice it.
It’s looking back at me.
I don’t know exactly what it is at first, but it pleads me to set it free.
I go to the toolbox, grab a hammer and chizel and start working at the ice block.
I do it carefully. I try to follow the outline of the shape, as it continues to look at me begging to be set free.
I finish my work and the swan inside the ice can now fly, even if briefly, until spring comes and melts it away…


This post was written in response to the FFfAW Challenge of this week and the story contains 150 words.
Photo prompt provided by Sonya.

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Coming back to my building after my walk yesterday, I took those pictures of the details of the ice at the edge of the garden, getting farther and farther away from the ice on each picture.

Posting here in the reverse order, so we see them from far going closer…

I like how we can see the little ice sticks ad cristals in the detailed picture.