He lives in the streets. No mom. No dad. Steals food to survive, but doesn’t like it. The other boys are bad. He doesn’t want to be bad.

He learns how to read from a homeless sir he befriended.

He would read anything and everything. His dream is to attend school.

He asks the mailman to give him some leftover pamphlets to read, and receives even more.

The mailman talks to the people in the neighborhood who start to donate books to the boy.

He’s still homeless, but now the pushes a cart around with his own personal library.


This post was written in response to the March 2: Flash Fiction Challenge, hosted by Carrot Ranch. The idea is to write a story with exactly 99 words, no more, no less, around the prompt word. This week the word is Library.

My story was inspired by (although not true to) the story of the Utah boy, who received thousands of books after the mailman in his apartment complex decided to post an ask in facebook for people to send books to the boy, who wanted to read but had no books at home.

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The things we do for a book, take 2 – returning the book

About four weeks ago I told about my ‘little’ walk to get a book at the public library: The things we do for a book
Well… 4 weeks is the amount of time I can keep the book, meaning this week (more precisely tomorrow) I’d have to return the book back to the library.

So today I decided to go again, walking again, to return it.

My intention was to bring fully charged batteries with me this time as not to miss the chance to take a shot of the blue heron again, but when grabbing my camera, the batteries were out again and when I replacee them with my extra pair I realized they were almost running out too. Well… just almost, so there was hope, all I needed to do was not to even turn it on until I saw the heron.

But I saw none! 😦

No blue herons today.

Just a geese family:

A family of geese

A family of geese

The walk itself was a but shorter than last time, since I did not have to come back for my card.


Today I was prepared: card, wallet, coconut water, camera (with little but some batteries) and the book of course.

The one thing I did not had on my way there was a little container. Why would I need that?

Because the trail was FULL and I really mean FULL of blackberries everywhere. Yummy, plump, sweet, tart and delicious blackberries.

Berry paradise

Berry paradise

So on my way to the Library I picked a few, but felt sad that without a container I would not be able to take advantage of such abundance to take some for later. I could only pick the ones I would be able to consume right there and right at that moment. And I did have a few.

Then, on the way back, about 60-70% of the entire trip, I started to feel the cruelty of the hot sun and decided to go for my coconut water.

While drinking my hydration pack of refreshing coconut water, looking at its little tetra-pack container I realized that once the water was gone (and it would be very soon) the water carton could easily become a berry container. Yay!

2 hours after leaving my office, I came back with a extremely red face, all sweaty, but happily carrying a little carton filled with black berries to munch after lunch.

Then, in spite of having a meeting only 20 minutes later, I went for a quick shower in the locker room and then to grab something on the cafeteria that was just about to close (I may have been their last customer). Needless to say I skipped the meeting :s

But for a great reason!