Creating a logo

I don’t work with marketing or anything of the sort.

But in my work team, we have a small group, in which I’m included, that works to promote, educate people and provide services on using a tool developed by one of the member of the group (not me!).
The tool has been around for a couple of years already but, so far, it has only been available within our team.

Earlier this week, we were finally able to publish it to the company’s internal toolbox, so anyone in the entire company, from any team, can have access to it and use it for their needs.

And this is so freaking cool!!!

But on the website where it’s published we have the option to add a logo, which is something we did not have before. So in the past 2 days, in spite of being extremely busy trying to prepare to leave on vacations, I decided to spend some time in creating some options.

I did 2, on different styles:

  • one on a style more in line with the Windows classic desktop applications
  • the other more in line with the style of Windows 8 and Windows Phone tiles.

Then another person in the group also put up a third option for voting.

Now the 8 members of our little group are voting.
So far we have 3 votes for the tile-style, 2 for the classic one and none for the other guy’s contribution.
And the developer of the tool hasn’t voted yet (although he already told me that he’s torn between my tile-style one and the other guy’s option).

I’m loving it!