High school sweethearts

It was their Senior year in high school.

Prom night was coming and that’s when they were planning to give themselves to each other in full.

The chosen place was a treehouse at the backyard of an abandoned house.

Although shabby on the outside, the inside looked like a fairytale.

He lays her down gently at the mattress.

When things start to get hot, he remembers he forgot the condoms at the car.

He goes to the car, opens the glove compartment, and presses the button of a little remote control.


Amongst shrapnel and wood chips, she rains around him in bits and pieces of flesh and blood.

This post was written for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #7.

The rules for contest for this week it to “write a flash fiction in 109 words, no more, no less and weave a murderous vibe through an every-day setting, either in thought or deed.”

The image that came to my mind as inspiration was the last one in the story, then I wrote a story around it to fit. Originally I thought it would be a 299 word story, which allowed me to add many more details. Those details are gone, but I guess the shorter version ended up pretty nice too.

The winner for this contest was announced today at the Carrot Ranch.

Congratulations to Marjorie Mallon!

Good job to all the participants!


Portuguese version: Primeiro amor

Six Word Stories

I’ve been sort of watching some entries to the six word story challenges, promoted by Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind, but it was only today that I decided to try it.

Not happy with trying for this week’s challenge only, I created a story for each of the other weeks I missed too (it was only 7 more, totally manageable ;o)

I also noticed that the stories have some illustration to go with it, and for that I grabbed my Post It pad and my pencil and got doodling a bit. I guess they illustrate my stories somewhat well (I’m not a great doodler, so can’t really do fancy stuff… )

So here it goes:

Week 1: LOSS

Teary eyes, never seeing her again.




Cannot breathe away from each other.



Week 3: MURDER

A little vessel, a deadly blast.




Job changing, don’t know where to.




Not good for me, just because.



Week 6: DELAY

Train delayed, she’ll wait no more.




Lost ring. On someone else’s bed.



Week 8: HELP

Adrift… Help never came. Eternally sailing.