Photo: WPC Challenge – Cherry on top

Seeing Mt. Rainier always makes me smile.

Seeing it from above hanging out with his pals Hood, Jefferson and the Sisters is unbelievably cool.


My last Spring break trip with the family was all good, nice and relaxing, but the coolest part was being able to take pictures of big landmarks from above.

I picture the mounts here, but I was also able to identify the Salt Lakes and Canyonlands, both in Utah, until the clouds came and ended my fun.


This post was written in response to the  Daily Post Weekly Photo Challeng: Cherry on top.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Older than 50 Years

Earlier this month, we had a long weekend with the Holiday of 4th of July, which also happened to be the last weekend of my parents’ visit.

We decided then to take them to a pretty place they haven’t seen yet, and spent a few days in the Columbia River Gorge area, between Washington and Oregon states.

On our last day, before heading back home we stopped a a cherry farm in Parkdale for some cherry picking.

Alfter picking our 5 pounds of cherries, we went inside to pay and use the restroom and the kids and grandparents were also exploring the place. That was when I saw a garden growing arond an old gas pump. The pump was all rusted and was sitting among pink and magenta petunias, and white daisies, creating a nice contrast. I could not resist and took a picture of it.

After a little research I found out it was a Wayne Model 60 pump, which is dated circa 1935-1937, making it totally eligible for an older than 50 photo challenge. ;o)

To make it monocrome, I first applied a gray effect, then I played with temperature, saturation and contrast to make it nicelly rusted-looking again.



This post was written in response to the Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Older than 50 Years

2 in 1: Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Bridges and Signs

The past few weeks have been so crazy that I managed to select photos for the Bridges challenge, but never found the time to post them.

Ans today is the last day of the signs one, which I must confess I wanted to create even before I knew Cee would post a challenge about it.

So here it goes, 2 galleries, one for each subject.

So we cross:

Crossing our ways:

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which ways series: Roads

This week, Cee starts a new fun foto challenge series: which ways. For the first week, he way to go is the road.

So let’s get going and hit the road!