Boi Bumba

Catirina is at the end of her pregnancy and her baby is due soon.

She had rough times during pregnancy, when she craved ox tongue.
Francisco killed their master’s prized bull to satisfy her cravings, enraging master, who went after them.
But Francisco and Catirina managed to resuscitate the bull with the help of shaman wizardry, making it all well again.

Baby comes on a rainy day.
Catirina is sitting by the window feeding her little one when they hear a knock at the door.
Through the glass windows, she sees an odd shape, but can’t really tell who it is due to the fog and water drops at the glass.
Francisco opens the door, to find the bull, who came to claim his tongue back by taking the one of the baby…

This story was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt by Priceless Joy added below, together with a more revealing version of it.

wpid-photo-20150907075906099    Boibumba

For those of you who have never heard of Boi Bumba, this is popular legend from Brazilian folklore, which is celebrated every year with a festival that includes the representation of the story, with lots of music and dance. More details about it can be found here. Note only that my story was inspired on it, but adds more to the end. The traditional folkloric version has a happier ending (that we know of…) 😉

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