Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Back of Things

Back of people



Back of a tractor



Back of a waterfall


(this one may also be featuredĀ in the CCY challenge since, as I took the colors out, the flattening became even worse. I almost decided not to include it in here, but I still like the idea of seeing the back of the waterfall… ;o)


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Sunday Post: People

Human beingsĀ are social animals.

We need to be always surrounded by people. Sometimes on small gatherings with friends and family, some other times on big events with lots of people you don’t know (maybe just yet) around you.

Here are a few pictures of big events with huge gatherings of people:

Ready to run (or walk) a Marathon (or half) under cold and rain.


Outside the stadium, at the end of a soccer match


Watching dancers at a State Fair


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