Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week’s Photo Challenge there is Up.

I’m short, so I’m actually most of the time looking up anyways, but sometimes, I really need to turn my head up. And those times were the ones I decided to show here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future tense

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is about Future tense.

My contribution includes 3 pictures today.

The first is a picture of high-school graduation, when we were leaving the school years behind and entering a brand new phase of our lives, not knowing what the future would bring us…



The second shot is of a wedding, when the couple is betting on a happy future together.



And the last one is similar to the ones I posted in my previous post, and shows a pregnant tummy, with a baby to be born that will have the whole future waiting for him once he gets out of comfy mommy’s tummy.



Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

This week’s Photo Challenge at WordPress is Lunchtime.

I love taking pictures of food and taking a pic of my lunch at the office cafe is pretty common for me.

At lunchtime, I usually try to eat more vegetarian, which makes the plate always pretty with all the different colors of all the veggies.

Here is one I took last Wednesday, when eating Mo Po Tofu with Eggplant at the Chinese food section of the cafe.

Ma Po Tofu with Eggplant

Ma Po Tofu with Eggplant



The picture was taken with Windows Phone 8 and edited with fotor for Windows Phone

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

This week marks the beginning of a new kind of Photo Challenge, the Phoneography Challenge, in which we are supposed to post pictures that were taken with our phones. And the theme for this first week is Neighborhood.

So here are a few pictures I took over the past months of my neighborhood, using my HTC Windows Phone.

At night, with the sky illuminated by the neighboring High School football field lights

At night, with the sky illuminated by the neighboring High School football field lights

On a foggy day

On a foggy day

At the beginning of a new beautiful day!

At the beginning of a new beautiful day!

Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Challenge on today’s daily prompt:

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

Oh boy! Big list….

  1. Stop being lazy at work and do work
    Well, it’s not like I don’t do any work, but I tend to prioritize and actually do only the tasks that motivates me and raises my interest. The others (which are most!) keep being proscratinated until the last minute, which sometimes comes a bit too late
  2. Floss daily
    Or at least some times
  3. Communicate issues
    I typically don’t have a problem communicating when it’s all good and we’re all happy and enjoying ourselves. But when things start to go wrong, be it at home, at work, or wherever, then I tend to keep it to myself, which does not help at all to resolve issues. Sometimes it can even make them bigger.
  4. Call Premera to ask for a second card for kid, so daddy can have one
    Wait! That’s easy! Ok, then. Doing it right after I’m done with this post. That’s a promise!
  5. Go find a job you really enjoy!
    Hum… that’s a bit hard, since that would mean quitting my current job and also figuring out what ‘a job I really enjoy’ would actually be… Tricky!
  6. Wear my glasses
    Wear what? Oh yeah… I did use to wear glasses, right? They even helped me seeing what’s being projected on meetings at work. But they broke like… 2 years ago? What? Are there stores that can make new ones? Really????
  7. Save money for retirement
    Huh? Will I retire? That’d be great. Especially if I don’t change¬†careers. Can I retire now? Oh yeah! I may not have enough money to do so right now… Darn!
  8. Eat less meat
    Hubby’s comment when he saw me watching Forks Over Knives: “You’re not considering going vegan, are you? ‘Cause if you do we’ll have a problem.” ¬†haha. Well… I’d have the problem that I’d have to cook 2 different meals always!!! But I am getting better at that and avoiding meat at lunch time during the week.
  9. Call family more often
    Also getting better at this, especially now with Skype. But mostly mom and dad. Siblings not so much. But hey! They don’t call me either… ūüė¶
  10. Study programming and scripting to be able to do more at work
    Do I really need to do that? Nah….. Rather change jobs (go back to item 5)
  11. Feed the fishes we’re fishsitting for my friend
    No need. Kids do that for me…
  12. Fold the laundry right when it’s off the dryer, so it won’t get wrinkled
    Lots of laundry? At the same time as cooking and caring for kids? Hum… Tricky!… At least hubby finally learned how to fold them so now we can split the task. But doing it right off the dryer… still need to improve on that one.
  13. Don’t do facebooking and blogging at work
    When am I going to do them, then??? No way!

And probably many, many more that are just not at the top of my mind right now.

Update on item 4: didn’t call Premera right away and now they’re closed for the day… tomorrow…. :-s

Weekly Challenge: Unique

As you may have noticed I did not add the word Photo at the title of this post.

That’s because the uniqueness I’m going to talk about is¬†something¬†I don’t have any pictures of my own to showcase. I can add some created by taking captures of websites, but no real picture that I took on the subject.

Today I attended a talk by Sal Khan, how was here to talk about his Khan Academy.

I had seen Khan Academy apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, but I never paid too much attention to it so I did not know exactly what it was and what was their motivations.

So today, I went to his talk to learn a bit about it.

And I loved the concept!

Their idea is to provide people with free educational videos, that people can watch over and over in order to master a subject on their own pace and¬†rhythm¬† The idea behind it was that on a classic classroom environment all students are supposed to learn an x amount of subject on a y period of time. But this may not be the greatest approach since each person learn on a different way and pace, so setting this strict timeline could make someone have a bad score or even fail a subject not because that person is not able to learn it, but because there was no time for that student to learn on his/her own pace. Then the student goes on to the next school year, with a weak foundation and tend to continue failing, because he/she still misses that ¬†fundamental idea that he/she did not had a change to master the year before… He makes an analogy with games. You only go to level 2, once you master level 1. And that’s how he thinks it should be with education: you only take Calc 2 once you master (not just pass with a C) Calc 1.

To me it totally makes sense!

And that’s a unique way of seeing and thinking about education, which I hope may become the standard in a few years, but that for now, it’s just a crazy, unique, but¬†wonderful, idea!

And now, just because the subject was introduced as a Photo Challenge, here are some images:

This image is property of Khan Academy.

Logo, taken from their website

This picture is property of its owner.

Sal Khan, Founder, Executive Director and faculty at Khan Academy.

Although this post is not a Photography post, it was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

In November I went with my family to Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico.

One of the things that amazes us the most (other than the views) was the amount of butterflies.

In one of the days we went to visit La Playa del Chileno. On that beach we could climb a few steps to see the statue of the chileno and have access to another beach next to it. The path was full of native plants, that included some flower bushed as well as cacti. And fluttering by the flower bushes there were hundreds of butterflies.

I was not able to take a good picture to show how many they were, so here is one that features only one butterfly in closeup.


And there were also moths. Huge dark ones in the hotel, that my daughters liked to scare away


And some smaller white ones at the airport, including a little fella that made friends with my oldest daughter…


This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankfull

Over the course of this month, I watched as lots of friend in Facebook posted daily reasons to be thankful for.

I posted none.

But on Thanksgiving day, I couldn’t help but feeling extremely thankful for my family.

I know there are many other reasons out there to be thankful of, but my family was the one that kept coming to my mind, and the only one I¬†considered¬†posting in Facebook (although I did not for lack of online time on that day… ;o)

I’m thankful for my family!


This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, take 3

On my regular lunch time walk, I did the trail that goes through the woods. Part of the trail is a wooden bridge that goes along some little lakes. On my way back, though, I decided to go around the lakes, instead of coming back by the same bridge, to minimize the amount of walking in slippery surfaces.

But going around we actually see different lakes from the ones we see from the bridge. And the one I saw today was completely green. Perfect for this week’s challenge. Luckily, I took my camera with me today.

So here’s the green lake.

Green lake


This post was the second response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, and here are the first and second ones.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, take 2

I’m lucky enough to live and work on a place that is surrounded by woods, wetlands and lots of¬†greenness¬†(it’s not for nothing that we’re called the Evergreen state).

At my company campus there are also several running/walking trails, from which my favorite one is the one that goes through the woods, between the office buildings and a busy road.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I’m posting some of the pictures I took on my walks at the woody trail.

This post was the second response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, here is the first one.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I’m sure have tons of green pictures, so I’m already giving you a heads up that more posts for this¬†challenge¬†will come.

But today, this is the one I want to add.

We have a big challenge on Sunday, having to win with a 3 goals difference to go to overtime, or more to seal the deal.

Anything less that that, gives the title to LA…

Go Sounders!!!