Photographic essay

We’re 7 in our photography classes. So our teacher assigned to each of us a color of the rainbow for our essays.

I got red.

Red???? Seriously????

I would have liked to have green, and go to a forest for nice pictures with the sun rays finding their way in through the tree branches full of green leaves.

Or blue, and have a stunning picture of sea and sky.

Or orange, yellow, purple, indigo…  Just not RED!

What can I picture in red?

Love? Pfff!!!… As if this even existed!

Red roses, strawberries? Blah, cheee-sy!

Blood? Uh… That’d be cool! But maybe too graphic, huh?

And why do I keep thinking love for red? Love does not exist! It’s an illusion!

Well, fine, I admit I believed it until recently. But now I know there is no such thing like love. Just pain.

Love pain!

Love pain????

Hey… maybe that’s it!


This post was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt from (AdinaVoicu), and contains 150 words.

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