Tears in the keyboard

My own keyboard. Right now.

The big corporation that happens to be my employer had to let go thousands of people yesterday.

I was spared and still have my job. Should feel relieved and happy.

But my feeling is far from anywhere close to happy.

I feel sad.

For those who are going. For the people who will suddenly have to figure things out all over again. For my co-workers I’ll miss working with. For my friends I’ll miss seeing everyday. For the ones I love. For the ones I know just a bit but will still miss. For the ones I have never talked to, but used to see in the corridors. For the people I have no clue even existed.

Marc, Carla, Maria, Omri, Beth, Masahiro, Joe, Eiji, Rashmi, Steven, Koichi, Linda, Frank, Skamy and all the other people out there who also lost their jobs.

You’ll all be missed painfully.

Sad end of the week for all of us!