Photo: Travel Theme – Pastel

Pastel colors at dusky sky…


“It was that time of dusk when there is a—deepening of the interior shadows. It is a melancholy time: all you need do is switch on one lamp and the inside and the outside will separate, held apart by the reflections in the glass, and evening will begin.”
Rudolph Delson, Maynard and Jennica

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PS. for the Seattleite’s trained eyes, you can even see the shadow of Mount Rainier being slightly overlapped by Safeco field… 😉

Went Kayaking

I have an account at a site called EveryMove, that gives you rewards for every move you make. Any kind of exercising: running, cycling, gardening, cleaning the house, playing with kids… every move.

Recently one of the rewards I got was a free 2 hour session of kayaking instruction and guided tour at sunset, at Alki Kayak.

So last Friday we left the kids in their school Parent’s Night Out event, which happens twice a year, and headed up to Alki for the kayaking session.

It was amazing!

And of course I got inspired by Vlad, from Wind Against Current, to try to take a few pictures.
Not easy, but I got a few.

Waiting for the instructors and guides

Waiting for the instructors and guides

Watching the sun set behind the mountains from the water

Watching the sun set behind the mountains, from the water

Seattle skyline

Seattle skyline

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I’m sure have tons of green pictures, so I’m already giving you a heads up that more posts for this challenge will come.

But today, this is the one I want to add.

We have a big challenge on Sunday, having to win with a 3 goals difference to go to overtime, or more to seal the deal.

Anything less that that, gives the title to LA…

Go Sounders!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry can happen is several different places.


Heart shaped leaf


Star shaped flower


Round moon



Playgrounds and play fields:





Circles on a rectangle surrounded by arches


And the one I simply could not resist sharing, even though I try not to mix work with blog…




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This week has been crazy preparing for office move.

So not new nice pictures for the challenge.

I was then trying to go through my old pictures and see what I could find that would show BIG.

At first I thought of Mt. Ranier, which is the biggest mountain in the contiguous states of the United States (Alaska has a bigger one, but there is Canada in the middle ;o).

But then I came across this picture here:

My biggest sporting accomplishment: to finish my first half marathon

that shows one of my biggest accomplishments, at least in regards to exercising:

The bib and the finishers medal of my first (and so far only) half marathon!

This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Today, it rained

I live on a place that, like Loz Koleszko describes on his blog, can be called Rainylands.

Yep, you guessed it right, it’s in the US Pacific Northwest.

Well… but although there are looooots of rainy day around here, it’s not EVERY day.

The city of Seattle gets less rain than many other cities in the country, but the region as a whole gets much more. Some cities that are part of the Seattle metro area have an annual precipitation rate of average 65 inches, making them the top rainiest cities in the country.

In regards to cloudy vs. sunny days, Seattle gets an average of 71 sunny days a year, mostly between May and September. Then, during the rest of the year (between October and May), six out of every seven days are mostly or partly cloudy. And that’s why Seattle can be said to get the least amount of annual sunlight compared to all major cities in the lower-48 states, and that’s also why there are a huge incidence of Vitamin D deficiency in the region.

We are now between May and September, right? So we were actually just about to beat our own 1951’s record of consecutive days without any rain. The record was 51 days. We made it to 48!

The past month and a half we had gorgeous sunny and warm days.

Sunny day

Sunny day

So much that my sister got dehydrated and suffered from a few other symptoms of excess heat and sun exposure, which, coming from Rio de Janeiro, she sure didn’t expect to get in this rainy part of the world.

Then, yesterday the day was very cloudy and even a bit chilly. It was one of those days that laziness attacks and all you want to do is to be at home doing nothing. With 2 little kids, this is though task, as they get easily bored and start bothering you. But that’s exactly what we did yesterday afternoon. Nothing, got bored and bothered…

But then it rained.

Rain came during the night, when we were all asleep, so we woke up to see very happy lawn and trees and bushes, but also a bit of sunlight that was coming back after the rain has stopped.