Six Word Story: Sin

We’re not sinners. The priest was!


This post was written in response to this week’s Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge , with the prompt Sin.

Writing a story in only 6 words sometimes is really hard. This week I wanted to tell a real story. The story of my own wedding.

I guess I managed to tell the essence of it, although it’s not at all clear what the story is about, other than that the sin was the priest’s, not ours.

We were planning our wedding and hired a priest to come to my mom’s place to celebrate the wedding.
We trusted him, in spite of some red flags that we could have identified during the process.
Then about a year later, it was in the news that he wasn’t a priest anymore, since 5+ years before, exonerated by the church due to child molestation history.
Then he left the city where it all happened, came to my city and played nice.
In spite of the story becoming public about 14 years ago, he’s still performing weddings and baptisms in the same city! Talk about impunity….

But anyways, after the story came out, family was insisting that we needed to re-marry, otherwise we would be living ‘in sin’. Our argument not to is the six word story above.

The sin is his, not ours…. (hey, 6 words again! ;o)