Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I’m sure have tons of green pictures, so I’m already giving you a heads up that more posts for this challenge will come.

But today, this is the one I want to add.

We have a big challenge on Sunday, having to win with a 3 goals difference to go to overtime, or more to seal the deal.

Anything less that that, gives the title to LA…

Go Sounders!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry can happen is several different places.


Heart shaped leaf


Star shaped flower


Round moon



Playgrounds and play fields:





Circles on a rectangle surrounded by arches


And the one I simply could not resist sharing, even though I try not to mix work with blog…




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Sunday Post: People

Human beings are social animals.

We need to be always surrounded by people. Sometimes on small gatherings with friends and family, some other times on big events with lots of people you don’t know (maybe just yet) around you.

Here are a few pictures of big events with huge gatherings of people:

Ready to run (or walk) a Marathon (or half) under cold and rain.


Outside the stadium, at the end of a soccer match


Watching dancers at a State Fair


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My first MLS game ever

Yeah, yeah… I know soccer is not the strongest sport here in the US, but it is on my country of origin, so, it’s in my blood to enjoy watching a match.

So yesterday, with the excuse of my sister and my soccer-crazy brother-in-law visit, I took them and my dad for a home match of our local team, the Seattle Sounders.

The match was awesome!

We won 4-0 against LA Galaxy, with 4 beautiful goals.

All on a beautiful sunny and hot afternoon, that ended with a gorgeous sunset after the game.

On top of that, the field was packed with people. We had an attendance of 60,000+, of very warm supporters, who were chanting, and dancing, and raising scarves, and waving flags, and throwing a nice green rain of paper strips.

The supporters, by the way, are incredible! I heard that Seattle is one of the toughest places to play on an away game because of the power of its supporters who can really break the attention of the visitors.

I absolutely loved the experience!

Not only for being able to watch soccer again in the stadium, but especially for being part of the big event and party that the match was.

It all started with some sky divers jumping from an airplane, wearing the green jersey, to land right at the field.

Then the players came and the National Anthem was sung.

And the ball was kicked!

I didn’t know the chants, but I tried to follow.

I threw my green paper strips.

I wore the green logo t-shirt.

I raised a scarf borrowed from a friend who has many of them.

I celebrated the goals.

I complained when they did something wrong.

I danced at the sound of the band after the match.

I root!

I loved it!

Planning to start attending those sometimes.

With 2 kids and a husband that does not care about American soccer, it won’t be too often, but I’ll try to at least go to a few per season.

Need to choose which one will be next.

Go Sounders!!!!!

Some pictures:

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And some news on the match: