Six Word Story Challenge – Suspicion

Arrived ring-less, after not answering phone.


This post was written in response to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge, with prompt word SUSPICION.

This is based on a real story, where the suspicion did not confirm and the subject was not guilt. That was actually me.

I lost weight and my wedding ring became too lose.
On a Winter day, while unpacking groceries from the reusable bag, the ring felt into the bag and I didn’t even notice.
A few days later (not sure how many, as I don’t remember when I lost it) I finally realize I don’t have my ring, and decide to go search for it on the trail I had walked on that day, assuming I lost it during the walk early on that same day.
But it was dark already, so I used my phone as a flashlight until it ran out of batteries and lost track of the time.
I got late at home.
My husband had tried to call me to no avail (no batteries on phone!).
My finger had no ring…….
The look on my husband’s face was not the one I remember most fondly.
I searched everywhere like crazy for the next week.
Then one day, using the reusable bag again, I found it laying there at the bottom.
Not guilty!