It was the night before the vernal equinox.
The wood fairies were busy in wrapping up winter and getting everything ready for spring.

In the bark of the trees, pupae are about to hatch, just in time for the equinox festival.

Now, the day has come!
Night and day have the same length and life is about to sprout everywhere with the start of spring.

The fairies did their job and will now enjoy the big festival.

Flower and leaves buds start to open.
Little and big animals wake up from hibernation.
Birds fly back home.
And, as soon as the day becomes night and dark falls upon the earth, fireflies of every color emerge from their pupae and light up the trees in a breathtaking festival of lights, getting ready for life as adults and the love season.


This post was written in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt from, and contains 139 words.

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