Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Back of Things

Back of people



Back of a tractor



Back of a waterfall


(this one may also be featured in the CCY challenge since, as I took the colors out, the flattening became even worse. I almost decided not to include it in here, but I still like the idea of seeing the back of the waterfall… ;o)


This post was written in response to Cee’s Black and While Photo Challenge: Back of Things.


It is her first hike ever.
Alina is in awe.

A funny butterfly crosses her way and she goes after it.
After a while, she reaches a clearing with a stunning waterfall. Fluttering all around the place are thousands of the same funny butterflies.

Then she realizes they’re no butterflies. They’re fairies! She knew they existed!
She’s excited, but suddenly notices she’s not close to her family anymore.

She starts crying and a fairy comes to help, taking a vial and pouring its contents onto Alina, who shrinks to the size of the fairy and gets tiny shiny blue wings.
They flutter over the trail searching for her family.

Mom is in tears when she finally finds Alina coming from behind a bush. She hugs her tightly.
Looking the girl’s back, she spots some blue glitter and tap it off.
Alina looks at it and dismisses saying:

“Oh, maybe just some… er… dust”

She looks at the fairy who has been waiting. The fairy blinks at her and flutters away. Their secret is still safe.


This post was written in response to the FFfAW, which this week features a picture of my own. Yay! Thanks Joy for taking my suggestion. 😉

It’s been interesting to see how my picture inspired so many people is no many different ways.

But although I was the one suggesting the picture, and although I had an idea of what I wanted to write about, this was the hardest so far.

Maybe because it was my own picture and I set even bigger expectations to myself???

I don’t know. All I know is that it took me a while to create the story and then, when I wrote it, it had 400 words, which is more than double the goal here.

Then, while trying to cut it down, power went off for a fraction of a second, but long enough to restart my computer and make me lose my unsaved work. Nooo…. 😦

So I had to do it again, cutting a lot (reference to the bridge?? gone!), to get to exact 175 words in the story.

This here was the result in the end. I hope you like it.

(and I may – NOT a promise, though – try to rewrite it longer again some day ;o)



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