The Outside World

I look outside of my window and I see pretty globes.
They are blue, some tinted with a bit of purple too.
But they are not solid globes. They’re made out of tiny blue/purple flowers.
Hydrangeas! that’s the name I was trying to remember, but the name may not matter to you, right?
I see hydrangeas of purple-ish blue color amongst light green leaves.
There are lots of them and they look very nice and bright in contrast to the darkness inside the house.
Beyond them I see walls.
A short wall made out of big rocks with little bushes on top of it.
The bushes are Azaleas (in case names do matter ;o), but they’re not flowering righ now, so they look just like small leafy bushes.
Some green, some brown, one almost leafless.
Behind the bushes there is a fence, partly white, partly of natural wood color, marking the end of the backyard.
The wood colored has the neighbor’s backyard on the other side.
Beyond the white part is the outside world.
But I can’t see it from where I stand.


This post was written in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: UW

A few weeks ago I went with my family to UW to enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms they have in campus.

But the beauty of the campus is not only about the flora. The buildings are also pretty and I noticed each of them had similar, but still different architecture, meaning their windows had the same style but were different in details.

Here’s a few of them.