ThirdEyeMom’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Colors

Due to a delay on the official WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Nicole, from ThirdEyeMom, decided to post her own theme, and it’s Colors.

So here’s a picture of one of the most colorful spots in my house:

Colorful artwork by W. Lima

When we moved into this house 6 years ago and saw that huge rectangular spot above the fireplace, I realized I didn’t have anything to hang in there that had a matching size. My biggest picture was too big for it, as it was a 3 x 3 feet square, and all the others would be too small. So I decided to buy something new, but one thing that was not flexible about was that I wanted something very colorful.

I found a painter I liked in the Novica website, W. Lima, but looking at his bio, I found out that he also sells his artwork at the Ipanema Art Fair in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So I contacted my family and my brother was kind enough to volunteer to visit the fair and buy me one of his artworks, directly from the source. And he bought this one, which I absolutely love.

But because the aspect ratio was not exactly the same as of the spot I had, I decided to complement it by placing some very colorful sculpures by Mestre Vitalino at the fireplace mantel, right below it.

And the combination of them was what made this spot so colorful.

2 thoughts on “ThirdEyeMom’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Colors

  1. Wow, I love this painting. It is gorgeous! What a great representation of color! It must make you so happy to see it every day! Thanks for joining in on the fun! 🙂 Nicole

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