Weekly Writing Challenge: Piece of cake!

“My friend invited me to participate on a 5k run with her next week.

“That’s cool! Are you joining her?”

“I don’t know yet, 5k sounds hard“.

“Hard? Oh! C’mom! 5k is piece of cake!

“Piece of cake? Are you nuts? It’s hell out there at this time of the year. At the end of it I’ll be melting! Sweating like a pig!”

“Melting? Are you made of ice? And besides, pigs don’t sweat!”

“What??? How come? Anyway, regardless, I’ll still be sweating like one”

“Hum… no so sweating at all… You see? Piece of cake!”



This post was my second response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy as Pie. The first one can be found here.

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