Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text – Mornings



This post was created in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text

I never considered myself good at drawing, but also never considered myself too good at writing either and I’m still here writing… recently I draw some stick-men images to illustrate my workouts on one of my blogs, and the drawing were a big hit among my workout pals. So I decided to try the same style for this challenge, just a different theme…

8 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text – Mornings

    • Thanks! It’s similar to mine too, the difference being that on my childhood I was one of the kids that would take forever to leave the home, while now I’m the mommy trying to take kids out of home in time… 😉

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    • Thanks. And it does need effort and focus that is typically taken away from work. Draw in Post-Its (some may need more than one attempt), take picture with phone, download from SkyDrive, crop, create a post….. in the meanwhile the project waits… hehehe

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