Let’s write: How to Write a Limerick

This week I found a site named poetreecreations.org – THE BEST OF POETRY, and one of their pages teaches how to write a limerick.

I’m a bit more of a prose person, but I attempted some poetry-writing back in school years and I was even awarded 1st place on a neighborhood competition, with a poem about mankind.

Then yesterday, reading the rules and tips on how to write a limerick, I got all excited and decided I had to try it.

So I wrote one about my mango tree.

Not sure if I was able to keep the correct numbers of DUMs.
Maybe I have more in the last line???
And one less in the second???
Hard to tell considering English is not my native language and poetry is not something I’m too expert on…

But in the end I guess it turned out sort of ok.

Here’s my little piece or art:

I had in my garden this good’ol tree 

Where I’d go when I had to flee 

One day I climbed high 

Attempting to hide 

And had to be rescued to be free 

Hope it’s at least acceptable for the more sensitive ears.


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