Butterflies and Eagles

Today I have class. The school is about 2+ miles from my office building, so what I have been doing is to park close to the school, then walk to my building in the morning, and then walk back in the evening to pick up the car and go up the hill where the school is.

And between those 2 points, there is a paved bike trail that goes along the freeway and ca also be used by walkers and runners. That’s my route.

Today, when I was walking to the office in the morning I first almost bumped on a big butterfly. It was gorgeous, big, yellow with black stripes. Somewhat similar to a monarch, but bigger, bright yellow and (at least as far as I could see) without the white dots. I stopped and even tried to get my phone out of my pocket for a picture but it flew away faster than I was able to pick up the phone.

So I put the phone back into my pocket and look ahead to continue, and that’s when I see a bald eagle flying above the freeway. Behind her there was a smaller bird (maybe a crow?) flying in the same direction. The eagle went on, crossed the freeway and got out of our sight, then the smaller bird made the turn and came back.

It almost felt like the small bird was sending the eagle away. As if making her go away from his territory. Probably not, but it was what it looked like.

In any ways, I felt blessed to have seen 2 such beautiful flying creatures almost at once on my morning walk.

For good start of the day!

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