Do any of my loyal readers remember my post last year The numbers tell?

Know Your Numbers
Know Your Numbers

Well, it’s that time of the year and I had my Know Your Numbers appointment this morning again.

All the numbers got much better from last year. And most even better than 2 years ago, when I was rocking! Yay!

Here’s the 3 year comparison:

Measurement 2011 2012 2013
Total Cholesterol 170 (desirable) 176 (desirable) 166 (desirable)
HDL 62 (exceptional) 48 (high risk) 54 (desirable)
LDL 94 (desirable) 108 (near desirable) 98 (desirable)
Total/HDL Ratio 2.8 (exceptional) 3.7 (recommended) 3.07 (exceptional)
Triglycerides 71 (normal) 101 (normal) 68 (normal)
BMI 24 (normal weight) 25 (borderline high) 23.6 (normal weight)
Body Fat 31% (borderline high) 32% (borderline high) 30.6 (recommended)
Glucose 90 (normal) 91 (normal) 76 (normal)

Yay to me and to my new Paleo way of eating!

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