Good Morning, froggies. Sleep tight!

Today I was planning to try to write my second 6th grade essay, as promised in my previous post Writing Challenges, Frogs and Trumpets. But then I got so immersed on creating the graphics that will accompany it, that I almost ran out of time. I’ll still try, but pardon me if it’s not great. I’m sure it could be better if I had more time (need to pick up kids in school soon).

It’s summer!

I’m spending vacations at my grandparent’s country house. I looooooove it. I play outside, I help with the gardening, the crops, the animals, I swim at the pond, and at night time I open the windows so I can hear the froggies playing their music until I fall asleep.

Only one thing is funny. I can hear the froggies, but I never saw them. Why? I’ll ask Grandma tomorrow morning, now I’m too sleepy.


The sun is up, time for another fun day. Hey! I almost forgot I have something to ask grandma.

“Hi grandma. Why do I play all day long outside but I never got to see the frogs that play music when it’s time to sleep?”

“It’s because they sleep during the day and are active from dusk to dawn”.

I have an idea! Tomorrow I’ll wake up early and come see them at dawn.


Yaaawnnnn… 5:30… Why did the alarm rang so early??! The froggies!


Tommy changes his clothes and goes outside. He guesses the frogs may be getting ready to sleep now in their stump house by the big log at the margins of pond. He gets there and indeed sees the frogs getting ready to bed. He sees mamma frog reading a book to her daughter, while papa frog joins his friends to play a lullaby so the little froggies sleep well. Just like he does with the frog’s wake-up music every evening…

Good morning froggies! Sleep tight!



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