For a good cause

Sorry to use the blog for fundraising purposes, but it’s for a good cause…

Next week, my daughter will be participating on a Hop-a-Thon on her classroom to help raise funds to benefit children with muscular dystrophy and other muscle disabilities.

To help even more, we set up a fundraising page on their website and I’m coming to you to ask for your help.

Our personal fundraising page is:

A bit more information about the program:

Why Hop-A-Thon?

Of the 43 muscles wasting diseases the MDA covers, more than half affect children. Some a present at birth, such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I, the number one genetic killer of newborns. Others manifest more slowly, appearing in toddlerhood, adolescence or even the late teens. Over time, depending on the disease, children require leg braces, wheelchairs, feeding tubes, respirators, and other assistance to move, eat, and breathe. As the physical abilities decline, it gets harder and harder to “just be a kid”, which is why opportunities like accessible MDA Summer Camp are so important! Most children with genetic muscle disorders face shortened life spans. No medical cures exist for any of these conditions – yet. That’s where we came in…

What Our Dollars Buy

  • $30 funds a lifesaving flu shot
  • $70 funds one minute of research
  • $100 pays for a support group session
  • $300 pays for a diagnosis at MDA clinic
  • $500 for annual wheelchair repairs
  • $800 sends a child to MDA Summer Camp

So please, consider donating some money to the cause. Any value is welcome.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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