Name change… once again

So I started as Etol Thoughts, for lack of creativity and energy to think of a better name at the time I created the blog.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to change it, since the original name was pretty boring. That’s how last year my site’s name changed to Musings, love it or leave it.

The “love it or leave it” part was due to frustration with an incident I had with people trying to use my own words against me in a not cool way. I was really mad and wanted to send the message that if you don’t like what you read here, just don’t read it at all. A bit bitter, huh? But I had my reasons…

Now that the trauma has past, the tagline was sounding even more bitter and not really approppriate. So I was thinking about changing it (the tagline at least) anyways.

Then today,  in the Blogging 101 Challenge (for which I must admit I did not sign up, but am still peeking at the assignments at the Daily Post) they had the assignment of creating a good site title and tagline, and that’s how my site got to change names again:

Creative Busyness, because I’m never really idle

The idea for this came from the phase “creative idleness”, but considering that I’m never actually idle I couldn’t really use idleness in there, right? So I made a little tweak and explained the why in the tagline.

And I liked it! Really did!

Hope you did to. Feel free to give me feedback on the comments.


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