One Four Challenge – Red (White and Blue)

Hi there,

I have been away for a long, long time.

Then yesterday I signed in again and discovered a new photo challenge that seems interesting.

It’s the One Four Challenge, by Captivate Me.

The idea is to make 4 edited versions of the same picture and post one each week of the month.

We are already on week 2 of July, so this month I’ll be posting only 3.

And since it’s July and we started the month with a national holiday in the US, to celebrate Independece day, I’ll be using a picture I took on the 4th, while waiting for the sun to set and the fireworks to start.

To accent the picture, I’ll use the 3 colors of the flag, starting today with Red.


The picture was taken with a MotoX phone, running Android KitKat.
To edit it, I used Fotor app, on a PC running Windows 8.1.

I modified the picture by playing with the tint, hue, temperature and exposure, trying to get it as red as I could.

4 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Red (White and Blue)

  1. Welcome to the One Four Challenge! 🙂
    So glad you’re joining us. I really like your chosen image and especially like the way you’ll be editing with the ID theme. Very creative!

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