Meinem Deutschland!

It’s been 20 years now he has left his home country, Deutschland.
That was when he married the love of his life and moved to the USA to build a family with his American bride.

They have a happy family, with two amazing teenage boys, a fun dog, a nice house, good jobs.

Then one day, he gets a call from home that his step-mom has passed from this world.
He goes back to give support to his widowed dad and orphaned half-sister.
He also visits mom, to whom he is the only child.

Then he suddenly realizes that it could have been them! His own dad or his own mom!

This realization makes him extremely home sick.
He wants. He needs to go back to being close to his German family.
He needs to be with mom and dad when their time comes.

From that day on, he starts working in trying to move back home bringing his American family with him.


This post was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt by Sonya, author of the blog, from “Only 100 Words”, and contains 162 words.

The story is not fictional, though. This has happened to one of my dearest friends.
The passing of his step-mom was about 3 years ago, and he still didn’t manage to reallocate to his home land.
I’ll miss him once he goes, but I’ll be happy for him, knowing how important it is for him to be close to mom and dad again.

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7 thoughts on “Meinem Deutschland!

  1. Thought you might want to know that in the first paragraph, that should read, …”he married the love of his life…”

    When I was reading this story, I thought that it was probably a true story. It is a wonderful story but sad about the death. I hope your friend is able to relocate to Deutschland (Germany?). It would be very difficult to be so far away from your elderly parents.

  2. oops. fixed.
    Yeah, I hope he does too. it’s getting close I guess. He’s there right now in business, and may also interview for a potential position. The biggest difficulty is to find a job that will make him able to support his family.
    And yes, Deutschland = Germany (in German 😉

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