In silence and disguise

She had loved him since they met. And so did he.

But they couldn’t be together. His wife’s family was very powerful and a divorce would never be accepted.

They loved each other in silence and disguise.

Now he’s gone. A funeral is being held and she can’t show up.

But she needs to say farewell to the only man she truly loved on her life.

She decides to visit him at the cemetery at night, after everyone was gone.

The howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for a scaring moment, afraid of being caught.

But no one showed up and she was finally able to say goodbye…


This post was written in response to this week’s 100WCGU, with the prompt …the howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for…

In a couple of days will be Halloween and the prompt is sort of inspired by this.
I like Halloween, I’m excited about it, and I am even organizing a party at my place. But for whatever reason, I’m avoiding writing about it. Maybe to take a break from the party preparations?

But that’s how and why I created something different for this prompt. Still cemetery, still scary situation, but nothing to do with the All Hallow’s Eve…. 😉

I hope you enjoy.

The picture was ‘assembled’ by me, based on 3 different ones I got from One for the cemetery, one for the person, one for the rose…

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