Edible pothole

“Hey Martha, they are holding the doughnut contest again this year. How about we participate this time? I even got an idea of how to make it.”

“That’s cool. Yeah, let’s do it. What’s your idea?”

“A pothole doughnut!”


“Yeah, we can make a big, big doughnut, then make it look like a street pothole.”

“But how are we going to accomplish that?”

“Well… we would have to have something to play as pebbles… maybe covered almonds?”

“Huh. Almonds as pebbles may work. But streets are dirty too…”

“For dirt some graham crumbs?”

“Hum… I don’t know… how do we make them gray? Streets are grayish…”

“Food coloring!”


At the day of the contest, Martha and Silvia arrive with a huge tray, and place it at the table. They also bring a panel of cars and street lights to go behind their doughnut at the table.

The judges get a bit confused by the not-so-appealing looks of the treat, but still amazed with the ladies’ creativity.

And the taste…. Hummmmm…. So deliciously good!

They come back home with the big prize and a huge proud smile on their faces.


This post was written in response to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.
I must admit I think I could have done better, but for whatever reason I had the doughnut idea and wanted to use it (it does look like a doughnut hole, right? so nicely round…).
Hope you enjoy.

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