To Do

My To Do list is incredibly strong and grows much faster than I’m able to get to it. It almost looks like it feeds on Miracle-Gro or something!

And you know what’s the problem with it?
The bigger it grows, the lazier I get.
I guess I feel overwhelmed just to look at it.

I’ve tried doing smaller daily lists, but since all those items need to be done anyways, my daily lists either get too big and unattainable, or I include only the most urgent and the old stuff I’ve been postponing for like forever just continues to get postponed…

And overwhelming feelings lead to anxiety.

So yes, I’m a real deal huge nasty procrastinator and a somewhat anxious person.

Is there cure?
Maybe I just need to start getting things done!!??
Yeah! That’s it! That’s the answer to all my problems!
Deal then. I’ll do it all!

But tomorrow…
Now, just to think of the size of my list I feel sooooo lazy and stressed out….

I guess I’ll grab a book and relax a bit. Maybe some tea, a bubble bath…

The list can wait until tomorrow, right?


Good bye then. 😉

Today I found some writing prompts at the site Writer Write, and decided to try them.

The list has 31 prompts, one for each day of the month.

I’m starting on the 6th, so I’ll follow the prompt for the 6th, but I may go back a few, if one day I decide to write more.

And today’s prompt it To Do.

I have written a piece on paper, but it was more like reflections than fiction. Here I tried to merge, and create fiction (??? really?) based on those reflections.

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