“Oh boy. I’m so happy that we’re together. I’ve been dreaming about you for a long time. So how about dinner tomorrow night.”

“That’d be awesome, but tomorrow I can’t, sorry.”

“Oh, ok. Why not? Family event?”

“Not really. Tomorrow I’ll be having dinner with my boyfriend.”

“What? What do your mean? I am your boyfriend.”

“Yes, you are too. One of them.”

“One of them??? What do you mean one of them? You can not have more than one boyfriend!”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s not right. It’s not accepted.”

“Awnnn… you’re jealous! But that’s ok, honey, I love you too. As much as I love the others.”

“The otherSSSSS????? Others? In the plural? How many boyfriends you have?”

“With you? 4 now.”

“4??? Oh my gosh, girl. Are you kidding me? You can’t have 4 boyfriends. Or 3, or even 2. You gotta have only one!”


“Well…. because you just can’t! That’s how it is! Man, you’re crazy!”

“Yes, baby. I’m crazy for you. So dinner day after tomorrow then?”

“What? Of course not! I love you. I love you deeply, but I want you to be mine and mine only. That’s how it should be with anyone.”

“Nah. I won’t take it like that. If there is a real written rule, you show me. If not, then I make my own rules for my own life.”

“Argh! Ok then. You know what? You’re back to 3 boyfriends now. Bye!”

“Oh boy. One more lost because of the unwritten stupid rule….”

This post was written based on the prompt Unwritten, from Writer Write’s October prompts.

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