Mataphors and kids: Not the bag, mommy!

This will be a very short post, to show a dialogue I had with my daughter last year when she was about 3,5 years old.

And it will show how metaphors sometimes do not work with kids…

” Sweetheart, if you eat too much candy now you won’t be hungry for dinner”.

“But I’m eating just a little bit, mommy!”

“No. This is not a little bit. I can see you’re eating the whole bag.”

“The bag no, mommy! Just the candies that are inside of it!”

This post was written in response to the Weekly Writting Challenge: Easy as Pie

Fenugreek, fennel, oats, pumping….

All to increse the volume of milk produced so I can at the same time feed my baby and create a reserve for whem I get back to work.

Oh yeah…. the clock is ticking, the time is coming… less than a month from now.

Not sure if I feel sad or happy about it.

One side of me will be happy to be away from the home and the kids for a few hours a day. The other side doesn’t want to do spend all day in an office stressing out about software releases…

Could I have a part time job?  Maybe that would work better for me… Are these times of crisis too risky to even mention part time to my manager. Probably, huh? Oh well…

Ok then, so I’ll try to enjoy the beautifull summer days I still have to enjoy at home and then be glad I still have a job!

Baby sensors

I’m about to be convinced that babies come with sensors for what mommy is doing, although she shouldn’t.

So there are a few to mention:

  1. Horizontality Sensor: senses when mommy lies for a nap or just some rest and starts off a crying either for feeding or diaper change, or just because. The important is that mommy doesn’t get to rest.
  2. Lunch/Dinner Sensor: senses when mommy is about to have a meal and again starts off crying so mommy won’t get her meal, or will at least delay it until she’s very, very, very hungry.
  3. Shower Sensor: Senses when mommy starts thinking about taking a shower, and wakes up baby so she does not have the time for those little personal luxuries.
  4. Bathroom Sensor: senses when mommy needs to go to the bathroom for #2 and prevents that too.
  5. Altitude Sensor: senses when mommy or daddy or whoever is standing for ever soothing the baby, with their backs hurting already, decides to sit down a bit for a break after baby falls asleep on their arms. Then at the moment the person sits down, sensor wakes baby up, who cries until the person is standing again.

My second child seems to have come equiped with all of them.

And talking about #2, I’ve been also wondering if for babies, in the end, isn’t it all about poop.

With my first little girl, for a few (which seemed like lots and lots to be honest) days she was very, very colicky. More than usual, which is a lot, since she was pretty darn colicky from 2 weeks to 3 months of age. But anyway, there were a few days in which she seemed worse. Then, talking to her pediatrician, he started asking questions about her poops, just to realize that the hardest crying spells were always a few hours into a period of no big poop, just a few dirty farts. Then she would do an explosive one and be fine for a few hours. So he explained that this could be because she didn’t know yet how to use her sphincter muscles, and that we could try to help my massaging the thingy with out finger bessunted in KY gel. It took me 3 days, doing it once or twice each day, and she learned! Things did got better!

Now with my second, I cannot really say she’s colicy (at least not yet, at 4 weeks of age) but she seems to be very gassy. When brestfeeding, she will take like 5 minutes, and then start contorting herself while still in the breast until she can’t have it anymore and then she pulls out of the breast crying. I burp her (or try to with no luck, sometimes) and then she’s fine and goes back to the breast. But sometimes, it does not seem there is a burp to come. And some others a soundy poop comes and she’s relieved and goes on with the feeding without even pulling out of the breast. So I wonder if again it’s about the poop. Because even when she burps, sometimes she will still be fussy at the breast. And I do notice that after several small BMs she gets crankier.

Well newborns don’t do much other than eat, sleep and poo, so maybe it is all about poop, somehow.

So I wonder…