Fenugreek, fennel, oats, pumping….

All to increse the volume of milk produced so I can at the same time feed my baby and create a reserve for whem I get back to work.

Oh yeah…. the clock is ticking, the time is coming… less than a month from now.

Not sure if I feel sad or happy about it.

One side of me will be happy to be away from the home and the kids for a few hours a day. The other side doesn’t want to do spend all day in an office stressing out about software releases…

Could I have a part time job?  Maybe that would work better for me… Are these times of crisis too risky to even mention part time to my manager. Probably, huh? Oh well…

Ok then, so I’ll try to enjoy the beautifull summer days I still have to enjoy at home and then be glad I still have a job!

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