One Four Challenge – November Week 2

This is the second week of the One Four Challenge for November.

Then, for this week’s edit, I decided to make it look more like fall (or maybe end of a hot summer), with more earthy colors.

To accomplish that, I tried several different things on both Fotor on the PC and Photo Editor on my phone.
But it was really hard to change a very green picture to earthy tones, without making the house and pavement change color drastically too…

So in the end I used the Photo Editor app on my phone and changed: brightness to 9, exposure to 28, temperature to 5692, tint to -6 and tolerance to 135, and picked a hue more towards an orangy color.

That’s how it turned out:


To see my previous edit, check week 1 post here.

Catching fire

“Mommy, mommy, look! The tree and bushes are catching fire! Look, they’re all yellow and red and orange.”

“Oh, sweetie-pie, that’s not fire, it’s the leaves changing color for autumn.”

“Changing color?”

“Well, every year we have 4 seasons. Remember Winter? We went skiing and built a snowmen?”

“Yeah, it was cold!”

“In Winter there were barely any leaves. Then Spring brought them back. With Summer, the heat of the sun made them gold. Now, they’ll crumble and fall again for Winter.”

“So they ARE burning?”

“Yeah… when you put it like that, they are indeed burning! Just not catching fire.”

This post was written in response to 2 challenges, that had similar picture prompts this week, and contains 100 words.

100WCGU, with the photo prompt below:


And Sunday Photo Fiction, with the picture:



To see other stories inspired by this picture, click the blue frog below:


The picture that has actually inspired me for this text was the one for 100WCGU.
The initial idea I had for the Sunday Photo Fiction was different, so I may choose to write another piece for those, if I find the time this week.



Today things were very easy at work. Very! So I decided to go for a walk and bring a camera with me. My initial plan was to take pictures o fall colors, but the weather wasn’t really cooperating and the light was not too good for nice colorful pictures.

So instead, I decided to look down and take picture of mushrooms, who are spreading out like crazy those days. I saw all sorts of them (or almost all – couldn’t get a picture of one of those big red Smurf-like ones or of one of those that grow in rotten logs and look like big ears).

Here’s a few:


Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom

Knock, Knock!

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Fall.”

“Oh, I’m sorry mister Fall, but we’re closed for summer. Could you please come back on a couple of weeks?”

“But I so wanted to come now…. Pleeease?…”

“Well, sorry. But in a couple of weeks you can come and we’ll welcome you. Not today, though!”

“Okaaaay. See ya in a few… Bye”


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Steps or Stairs

This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge features steps or stairs.

Today also, coincidentally, as I was searching for my pictures of steps, I saw that image also features stairs:


Right on topic! Cool.

But now, back to my own pictures, here are some pictures of stairs that for some reason or another I decided to take in the past and collected here…