One Four Challenge – November Week 2

This is the second week of the One Four Challenge for November.

Then, for this week’s edit, I decided to make it look more like fall (or maybe end of a hot summer), with more earthy colors.

To accomplish that, I tried several different things on both Fotor on the PC and Photo Editor on my phone.
But it was really hard to change a very green picture to earthy tones, without making the house and pavement change color drastically too…

So in the end I used the Photo Editor app on my phone and changed: brightness to 9, exposure to 28, temperature to 5692, tint to -6 and tolerance to 135, and picked a hue more towards an orangy color.

That’s how it turned out:


To see my previous edit, check week 1 post here.

7 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – November Week 2

  1. The white-washing on the house and driveway combined with the orange/brownish grass and big tree evokes a feeling of Hot Summer (particularly the drought-fraught summer in San Diego,California, where I live).

  2. Hi Etol, do you know which app allows us to change the colour of a specific item, eg change the white petals to rainbow colour?

    • No, I don’t. That’s actually why my intention of Fall ended up being a late hot Summer scene. I couldn’t figure out how to change the color of the tree leaves only. But I don’t even try to use anything too fancy. The closest I can do for what you mean is to choose a color for splash color, even if different from the original, but then everything else is B&W.

  3. hum… actually it turns out it works only with red. I couldn’t figure out how to chose a different color. I used the app for that only once or twice and I always use the original colors anyway. It was only now that you asked that I decided to try it differently, but then again, couldn’t change the color of the pencil. The app is named fotor-color splash studio and I installed from Windows Store (Windows 8 or later). But I guess there may be some other app out there that could do it…

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