She saved my life.

She found me laying naked at the woods behind her neighborhood. I was cold and feverish. My back was hurt. 2 big cuts near my shoulder blades.
I had no idea of who, where, when and why I was. My mind was completely blank.
They said it was amnesia and she took care of me. Like a guardian angel.

My memory never came back, but I learned to love her. And she loved me too.
We got married and were very happy. Then she got sick.

It was my turn now to care for her. I did all I could to make her feel better and comfortable at her illness. I gave my life to her. I stopped working, ate just a little, slept lightly so I could hear her calls. It was her turn to call me her guardian angel.

But after some time, her body gave in and she drifted away.
At that very moment I felt a sharp pain on my back, right at the scars near my shoulder blades. The scars opened up and from within something came up.
And with the wings, the memory of being sent from heaven to care for her on her illness that was already invisibly starting then.

I looked up and saw her spectral form, reaching her hands to me, calling me to go.
I fluttered my wings and off we went.
Together again, until my next call to earth.

This post was written based on the prompt Angels, from Writer Write’s October prompts.
‘Angels’ was actually the theme for October 1st, but today I decided to switch as I couldn’t come up with nothing worth writing for today’s theme: Rehab. I’ll keep trying and may publish it later (or not ;o)

A lost key

I was running late for a meeting and in the rush I dropped my key.
She saw me dropping it, grabbed it and came after me.

“Sir, sir, you lost your key.”

I couldn’t go on without my key, so in spite of the hurry I had to stop. And when I turned to grab my key and thank the lady, time stopped too. Everything did. All I could see was the personification of beauty and gentleness handing me my own key.

Then a car honked nearby waking me from that dreamy state, I grabbed the key shyly, said thank you and ran to the office. Just to found out the meeting had been cancelled.

She never left my thoughts that day and the days that followed.

About a week later I saw her again. I was almost running late again, but couldn’t care less, I just had to talk to her.

We met, we talked, we walked together around town, we laughed, we exchanged phone numbers, emails, instant messaging ids, we fell in love.

We joked that on that first encounter, the key she handed me was actually the key to her heart.

We were happy together.

For a few years….

Then, time passed, life happened and that warm feeling started to cool down.
For her, not really for me.
I was still warm by her side.

One day she sits me at the couch, in front of her, and announces she’s leaving. She still loves me, but not in the same way as before. Not be to my wife anymore. Maybe friends if I wanted her friendship.

I tear comes down my cheek, I can’t say anything. She turns and leaves.

I can’t find that key anymore… It is lost.

This post was written based on the prompt A lost key, from Writer Write’s October prompts.

Fiction: The spark is gone

I’m spying on my husband. I don’t feel proud of it, but it may be worth trying.

He says the spark is gone.

I don’t understand. Not too long ago the intensity of our love was so big and felt like an earthquake every time we were close to each other.

Then it’s gone? All of a sudden, like this?

I think this is some kind of plot. I’m not sure what for, but it just can’t be true.

The spark cannot be gone. It’s not gone for me! 

I love him….


Last week I wrote my entry for the Writing Prompt #27 while watching my daughter’s jump rope tournament, and saved it on OneNote to publish here later. But with the busyness os the weekend I ended up completely forgetting to do so, until today, 2 days after the ‘deadline’.


But since I did write,  I decided to post it anyways. Here it is then.  The prompt words for that week were:


The picture is from

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

No, this time I’m not showing the things I love. I’m rather showing a picture that I created with the mirroring effect of some phone app a few months ago (they are both my own left hand).

I don’t quite remember what led me to create the picture, though. Maybe just that I wanted to use the mirroring effect? What I do know is that it became sort of not great and was left forgotten in some hidden folder of my cell phone.

Then today, when I saw the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge, it reminded me of the picture and I decided to search for it.

I found it, but it was indeed not good enough to post.
So I used Fotor to change a few levels, apply a few filters, and in the end I got this sort of sketchy/painting like image.
And that one satisfied me enough to post it here. ;o)



Melting Ice

She felt cold. Even in summer. She felt cold inside. Like her heart was made of ice.

She was lonely and had no one. Life had taken from her what she loved the most.

Her husband and kid are not in this world anymore.

At work, she feels isolated from her peers and would barely talk to anybody.

Parties are something she doesn’t even remember what it is.

The world seemed like an eternal freezing winter, with nothing to warm her up.

Then one day, as she’s walking home after work, he hears a familiar voice calling her name.

She turns and sees her high-school sweetheart looking at her in disbelief, surprised to have met again after so many years.

She recognizes him and a shy and faint smile, lights up her face slightly.

When they were together they used to say that seeing the other warmed up their hearts.

It will take her a little while to fully notice it, but that’s exactly what starts happening that day.


This post was written in response to the Literary Lion: Ice, posted last week, and the picture is from, posted by Mapa20

Photographic essay

We’re 7 in our photography classes. So our teacher assigned to each of us a color of the rainbow for our essays.

I got red.

Red???? Seriously????

I would have liked to have green, and go to a forest for nice pictures with the sun rays finding their way in through the tree branches full of green leaves.

Or blue, and have a stunning picture of sea and sky.

Or orange, yellow, purple, indigo…  Just not RED!

What can I picture in red?

Love? Pfff!!!… As if this even existed!

Red roses, strawberries? Blah, cheee-sy!

Blood? Uh… That’d be cool! But maybe too graphic, huh?

And why do I keep thinking love for red? Love does not exist! It’s an illusion!

Well, fine, I admit I believed it until recently. But now I know there is no such thing like love. Just pain.

Love pain!

Love pain????

Hey… maybe that’s it!


This post was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt from (AdinaVoicu), and contains 150 words.

To see other stories inspired by the picture, click the blue frog below.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I’m possessive.

Not to much with objects, but certainly with people.

Possessive and protective.

Don’t anyone dare to hurt one of my loved ones!

But the little creatures I feel the most as being mine, in the way that not only they were made by me (together with Hubby) but also that they are the ones that I love the most in the world, are my 2 little girls.

So this post features a picture of them.

My love! Mine!

This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine.

I Love My BFFs!!!

Really do.

No, nothing special happened this week to trigger this post.

Just plain desire to share the love. ;o)

Sometime that happens to me. That I feel so much love that I start sharing it away. Usually I tell directly to the people I love, but the problem is that if it becomes repetitive it can lead them to misunderstand the type of love. Especially if we consider that my BFFs are all guys and I’m a married girl…

Oh well, just wanted to register the love I feel for them.